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where to buy pokemon cards

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards to Try and Catch ‘Em All!

If you’re new to the retail and resale industries, you’ll wanna look for the most profitable items you can flip. And one of the coolest things you can cash out on is your Pokémon card collection or even card doubles! The Pokémon TCG has been very popular since the 90s. Read More

Jordan 7 Citrus

Jordan 7 Citrus – Classics Totally Work in Every Season!

The one thing we love more than new sneakers? A classic sneaker’s retro release! And 2022 seems like the year of epic retros because we can barely rest between hot Air Jordan drops. *Cries in savings*. Anyway, our latest bankruptcy-inducing pair is Jordan 7 Citrus. At first glance, it might Read More

NFT rarity tools

NFT Rarity Tools – Helping You Get the Rarest and Coolest!

We would all love to own something that others don’t. It’s like a status symbol at this point, especially with everything going virtual. We’ve seen the influence of words like “rare,” “exclusive,” and “1 of 1” on many industries. The sneaker reselling industry for once grew because of rare, exclusive, Read More

best sneakers 2022

Best Sneakers 2022 – Jordans Still Way Ahead of the Curve!

We’re almost halfway through 2022, and this calls for a lil round-up! And the best sneakers 2022 edition is not your regular list. We’ve got a very nice and diverse list of kicks that got us all swooning! But why are we doing this anyway? Well, if you wanna get Read More

how to buy a graphics card

How to Buy a Graphics Card – Scouting the Options for You!

The retail industry is booming, and so is resale. If you were here during the PS5 mania, you’d know what we’re talking about. However, we’re still feeling the after effect of that demand explosion to this day, and it definitely didn’t improve. Resellers enjoyed flipping graphics cards for double and Read More

NSB Mystery box nfts

Mystery Box NFTs – The Chocolate Eggs of The Blockchain

You must remember the excitement of waiting to know what your surprise chocolate egg had inside! You couldn’t eat the chocolate fast enough to get to your surprise. That same concept applies today in retail and NFTs. You can actually subscribe to a weekly or monthly mystery box service for Read More

Jordan 5 Green Bean

Jordan 5 Green Bean – If You Can’t Do Magic, You Wear It!

New day, new kicks, new fits! We love it when Jordan Brand digs through the archives and brings back gems. And today’s gem is pretty cool because it makes us wanna live our favorite Jack and the beanstalk dreams. It’s also enough reason for us to wanna eat the beans Read More

best buy bot

A Best Buy Bot Will Definitely Get You The Best Buy!

You might check Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers whenever you’re looking for electronics. However, Best Buy is also one of the top five electronics stores in the US. So if you’re waiting for a PS5 or GPU restock, you might wanna keep an eye on Best Buy. However, many other Read More

BAYC NFT collection

BAYC NFT Collection – Well, Apes Really Are Taking Over!

The NFT market is certainly worth investing in if you’re looking for an exciting business venture. And just like every business, some names are more prominent than others. That’s why we decided to look into some of these projects and discuss what makes them stand out. But before we do Read More

GPU bot

A GPU Bot Is a Need Now – Here Are All the Reasons Why!

The digital world is evolving at an exponentially increasing speed, and we love it. It might not be the flying car from the future that changes paint with a button, but we’re getting there. (Might we add that paint-changing cars are a thing now.) And behind all the fast tech, Read More